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Delta vs. United vs. American
Delta and United lead the way on most fronts, but you'll want to consider your proximity to any one of these airline hubs before choosing.
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How Much Are Travel Points and Miles Worth in 2021?
Curious how much your points and miles are worth? We compared the cash values and award rates for 15 different hotel and airline programs to find out.
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Parts of Europe Return to Lockdowns - NerdWallet
Pandemic-related lockdowns have returned across Europe, including new restrictions announced this week for unvaccinated people in Germany, Greece and Austria.
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A Beginner's Guide to Traveling on Points and Miles
In this beginners guide, we show you the basics of miles and points (or “travel rewards”), including the best ways to earn and redeem credit card rewards.
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Coronavirus Airline Cancellation and Change Policies: What You Need to Know
As the coronavirus and COVID-19 illness spread globally, domestic airlines are rolling out “free” change/cancellation policies for some bookings.
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How to Cancel a Delta Flight
Canceling is simple, and if you do so within 24 hours of booking, there's no charge. After that, the cancellation policy differs depending on your fare type.
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American CEO Doug Parker Steps Aside After a Remarkable Run
It wasn’t long after I started as a pricing analyst at America West Airlines that I first met now-American Airlines CEO Doug Parker. At the time, pricing and revenue management fell under the…
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A Busy Week as Airlines Make Their Bets for 2022
That was a short-lived slumber in Airlineville. This week, the residents got back to work… and in a big way. The Cirium data shows the the Heart set spring plans while the Taxi went all the w…
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Delta Confirms It Still Likes Investing in Airlines
There’s been a debate in the airline industry for a long, long time about whether it’s a good or bad idea to invest in partner airlines or whether to keep the relationship strictly on c…
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The 7 Best Airlines in the US
See our list for the best airlines in the U.S., which takes into consideration factors like service, aircraft, destination network, and more.
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